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Steady does it. Dual camera with dual OIS.

  • camera-2x-zoom.png
    Optical zoom + dual OIS
  • live-focus-icon.png
    Live focus
  • dual-capture-icon.png
    Dual Capture
2x optical zoom + dual OIS

Moments, up close and clear

Take crisp and clear shots with the Galaxy Note8's dual camera. Its telephoto camera has 2x optical zoom to let you zoom in clearly. And both cameras have optical image stabilization (OIS) to produce photos that come out beautifully steady even when camer

*On-screen image taken with Galaxy Note8.

Live focus

Bokeh effect comes into play

Get the focus you want before you press the shutter button. Live focus lets you take beautiful bokeh shots where you make your subject stand out. And if you're not entirely satisfied, you always have the option to adjust the level of background blur after

*On-screen image taken with Galaxy Note8.

Dual Capture

Snap outside the frame

While you're focused on taking a Live focus photo, Dual Capture photographs what's happening outside the frame. That way you get to enjoy the moments you might have otherwise missed.

*On-screen images taken with Galaxy Note8.

The camera that owns the night

  • camera-pixel-sensor.png
    Dual Pixel Sensor
  • camera-brightlens-icon.png
    Bright lens
Low light camera

Ready for the night

Great photos are just a snap away even when it's dark. The Galaxy Note8's wide-angle camera captures more light with bright F1.7 lens, while focusing fast and accurately thanks to the Dual Pixel Sensor. *On-screen image taken with Galaxy Note8.

*On-screen image taken with Galaxy Note8.

The camera that makes the most of your moments

*Images taken with Galaxy Note8.

  • mo-food-icon.png
    Food mode
  • mo-pro-icon.png
    Pro mode
  • mo-panorama-icon.png
  • mo-slo-mo-icon.png
    Slow motion

The selfie camera you can trust

  • camera-8m-icon.png
    Front camera
  • camera-brightlens-icon.png
    Bright lens
  • camera-smart-auto-focus-icon.png
    Smart Auto Focus
Front camera

Turn the camera on you

Flip to the front camera to take a selfie or group shot you'd be more than happy to share. Its bright lens keeps details clear even in low light, while Smart Auto Focus tracks the faces in the shot.

*On-screen image taken with Galaxy Note8.